Circular economy



110 Mt/y sewage sludge generated

Inevitable product of wastewater treatment processes, this is the annual production of sewage sludge assuming that the sewage water from the world urban population in 2016 were to be collected and treated.

311 Mt/y plastics produced

Almost 40% of the total plastics demand are for the packaging sector European plastics demand* by segment 2013 (Source: PlasticsEurope (PEMRG) / Consultic / ECEBD * EU-27+NO/CH)

30% of renewables by 2030

In 2013, the share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy reached 15% in Europe. To integrate at least 27% of renewable energy consumption in 2030 has been set as EU target
(Source: AEBIOM-Statistical-Report-2015).

25% of the renewable energy is lost

Mismatches between production and consumption could be solved with an adequate solution to store the excess energy produced from renewable sources. Hydrogen and other energy carriers will become of increasing importance over the following years.

GRT is a group of companies that for over 45 years has pioneered and boosted scientific and industrial approaches by developing original technologies in the sectors of environment. Focusing since 2007 on the economical and sustainable treatment and valorization of waste, the Group is offering today technological packages in line with the circular economy approach.

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Plastic-to-fuel Conversion


Plastics are an integral and important part of the global economy. They should never become waste.

  • 311 Mt/y plastics produced
  • 450 Years the time needed by nature to decompose a plastic bag
  • By 2050 more plastic in the ocean than fish
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Biomass to energy


Second grade biomass residues represent a great potential for renewable energies, but its use is limited due to it inhomogeneity and moisture content.

  • 30% of renewables by 2030
  • More than 60% is produced from biomass
  • At least 2 millions m3 additional resources
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Energy to storage


The storage of renewable energies to bridge supply to demand is a key challenge of renewable energy management.

  • 2.4 billion people without electricity
  • 25% of the renewable energy is lost
  • A potential up to 566 billion euro economic impact
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Waste to clean

Wet oxidation clean wox®

The Clean WOx® technology is implemented for the treatment of urban and industrial liquid effluents with a high content of non-biodegradable organic matter.

  • 110 Mt/y sewage sludge generated
  • More than 70% goes back to nature
  • Severe impact on human health
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